Your Words

Like a magnet, I’m drawn to you

Like an internal compass, I’ll always point in your direction

I try to distract myself, but my thoughts always come back to you

I try to convince myself this just can’t happen, but my mind always calculates back to you

I try to take this into another direction, but my desires always turn back to you

And you don’t make it easy for me

Your charm, your wit, your tenderness . . .

Your words

Your words play in my head like a beautifully written song

Your words provoke my thoughts like a well written script

Your words ignite my feelings like a seductive poem

They envelope my soul

They hold me

Mold me

Shape me into whatever you may desire

Speak it into existence and baby

I . . . will . . . be

And time has no boundaries in the presence of your words

1 hour . . . 2 hours . . .

Tic . . . Tic . . . Tic . . . Tic

Like the sands of time flowing through a bottomless hour glass

Your words go on and on and on and on

Like an Erykah Badu song

Filling me up, but leaving me wanting so much more

They say the pen is mightier than the sword

And your words have struck my heart

They say there’s power in words

And your words have rendered me defenseless

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

But one of your words can rival against any masterpiece created by Van Gogh or Picasso

What can I say?

Your words engage me in conversation

And leave me speechless all at the same time . . .

Your words

Your words

Your words


~McKinzie Manor~


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