Rest In Peace to Our Songbird Whitney

I am attempting to write this blog, but the news of Whitney Houston’s death is still heavy on my mind. I can remember many times standing in front of my mirror with my hairbrush lip-synching her songs, and I bet many of you did the same thing too! You can’t deny that she was a true talent. VH1 did a tribute to her tonight and I watched some of the videos. The image she portrayed in her videos and on stage was so classy. It’s amazing the following and mass appeal she garnered without having to shake or show her tail. Whitney just SANG!

Now I’m not going to go into her off-stage challenges and battles, because we all fight day after day with our own…sometimes we win, and sometimes we lose.  But while Whitney was on-stage and performing, she owned it.

Here’s Whitney Houston performing her ever so popular “I Will Always Love You” in her 1994 South Africa concert. I especially love the ending of this video clip. It is as if she is pouring out her love and appreciation to us and giving us that final good-bye as she exits the stage.

Rest in peace to the world’s songbird,

Ms. Whitney Houston — Sunrise: August 9, 1963  Sunset: February 11, 2012


~McKinzie Manor~


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