One sip of you —

that’s all it takes of you and you go straight to my head.

That slow burning between my breasts quickly spreads throughout my whole body and I begin to feel a BUZZ.

My head starts spinning —

but i can’t put you down.

I crave you in the morning and need you at night.

Everything about you is too


Let me indulge and sip from your cup that is running over.

Just a taste

to let me escape

to let me dream

to let me fantasize

I hear your voice, I see your eyes

And I get dizzy all over again.

Can’t walk a straight line —

I close my eyes to catch my balance

But it’s all in vain.

Go ahead and convict me of a DUI because I am drunk with desire and under your influence —

You are so invigorating

and you’re elevating

this syncopating

I try hesitating

because I keep debating

but this pulsating

is escalating and reverberating

because you are so



~McKinzie Manor~


5 thoughts on “Intoxicating

  1. I like this and can totally relate! I’ve had my share of intoxication coupled with that slow burning between my breasts…LOL ~Great Piece~

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