Give Your Spirit Time To Heal

I have a friend who was in a recent car accident. Although she has no visible scars, her body was injured. It is all too evident because of the soreness she feels. She’s also the type that can’t sit still. She is always on the go and following orders that allow her body time to recuperate is very challenging for her to do.

We all understand that when you go through physical trauma, you need to allow your body time to heal. Aches and pains need time to subside; scars need time to fade away. Take it easy, slow down, rest your body. Any sane person would agree that putting your body through something physically challenging when it just isn’t ready yet could cause more damage. Your recovery time could be extended, or you could endure permanent damage if you don’t take the time your body needs before jumping right back into physical activity.

Why would it be any different with your spiritual self? Our spirits can endure trauma too. The death of a loved one, heartbreak, broken trust, repeated disappointments can and do injure our spirits. We force ourselves to continue on without giving our spirits time to heal.

After broken relationships, why do we jump right into the next one with our wounded, broken spirits? With hearts still tender we may position ourselves for more heartbreak. With frail self-esteems we may feel unworthy and accept just anything that comes our direction. Take time to examine the hurts and pains you’ve endured. Don’t dwell on them and make yourself bitter. Instead view them as growing pains. Use those experiences to prepare yourself for your next journey. Focus on areas of your life and find where you can become wiser and more mature. Become aware of your own self-worth and understand your value.

After the passing of a loved one, we need to give ourselves time to adjust to the absence of that person from our lives. But what do we do? We fool ourselves into thinking we are adjusting to the absence by busying ourselves with work and projects. We take the “just don’t think about it” approach and believe that we are doing fine until something comes along that reminds us of how much we really do miss our loved one and the grief can be overwhelming. Why not take a different approach? Take time to meditate on how that person influenced you in your life. Was your loved one your emotional support, your comforter, your cheerleader, your listener? Seek out others in your life to fill those voids. You may not be able to find that one person who can meet all of those areas, but we often have others in our lives who can provide separate pieces of the emotional support puzzle. You’ll also be amazed that there are friendships and connections that are just waiting to blossom when given the chance.

And while you are healing, be aware that some people will either intentionally or unintentionally impede your healing process. We can be selfish as humans and think of ourselves and our own needs. Be prepared to tell people “no” and that you cannot meet their needs at this time, and don’t explain why. People will take your reason, analyze it and figure out a way to explain you out of your own explanation.

Healing your spirit can take time.  Give your spirit time to heal properly. Don’t allow others to dictate how long your healing should take. Each person is different, but just as with physical healings, if it’s taking too long, there maybe some other underlying issue that is preventing your spirit from healing.

Always in ☮ & ♥,

~McKinzie Manor~


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