Caught in the Rain

Have you ever stood still in the rain allowing it to pour down on you? I can hear all my black sisters, “What? And get my hair wet?” I can see us now, crowding under umbrellas, wearing protective coverings for our clothes & hair. And what if we get caught in the rain? We’d run for cover as quickly as possible. But let’s think of this in a metaphorical sense.

Have you ever just stood still & allowed God’s blessings to rain down upon you? Or are blessings bouncing off your umbrella of bad habits? Do you cover your head with a negative attitude? Do you cloak yourself in selfish behavior?

Sometimes our actions & attitudes prevent us from receiving God’s rich blessings. Other times we dodge & run away from God’s blessings because we are too afraid to step out on faith. Maybe it’s time for us to change our mindsets & intentionally get Caught In The Rain.


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