God Supplies All That We Need

As Christians, we are quick to say “God will supply all of our needs.” But do we truly believe this when it comes to our physical health? The more I read and study natural foods and herbs and understand the nutrients they provide, the more I think of the awesomeness of God. Scientists are discovering everyday the health benefits of foods in their natural state. God has entrusted these earthly bodies to us and has supplied us with everything we need to take care of these bodies. But what do we do? We subject our bodies to dangerous fatty oils and toxic chemicals. We consume, in huge quantities, processed foods, junk food and food-like substances.

In our physical lives, man takes earth’s bounty, tampers with it, adds to it, genetically modifies it, strips it of all its nutrients, subjects it to harsh processes and passes it off to the masses to be consumed. Placating our appetites and leading us to believe our hunger has been satisfied, but ironically we still crave more.

Now let’s look at the spiritual side. God’s word is meant to be our refuge, our salvation. When things are going wrong, we seek out answers. When we are hurting, we look to His word for a cure. But when man takes God’s word and tampers with it, adds to it, takes away from it, and modifies it he has now made God’s word ineffective. It has been diluted and is no longer potent. It loses its saving power and ability to heal. It is now dangerous to your soul and is no longer fit for spiritual consumption.

Everything we need, God has supplied. Hopefully we’ll come to this realization for the sake of our spiritual and physical lives.

Philippians 4:19  And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Always in ☮ & ♥,

~McKinzie Manor~


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