4-Letter Word

We have danced around that 4-letter word for so long, afraid to mention it by name, not daring to speak it into existence.

Intense – Powerful – Undeniable – Indescribable – Justifiable

Choosing to call it everything but…

For so long, it has been a lifeless word waiting for life to be breathed into it. Under each sentence, between each word it would hide, waiting for us to find it.

At times, we looked dead at it only to ignore it, but it remained, refusing to leave.

The idea of acknowledging it was such a frightening thought, but it courageously stood it’s ground, unwilling to be move or chased away.

And now it so boldly stands before us, waiting to slip past our thoughts and lips and into our conversations.

Then, how easily will it grace our tongues. Will it sound intriguing, innocent, alluring, honest, sincere, passionate?

How beautiful will it sound when it’s finally spoken into existence

– that little 4-Letter Word.


~McKinzie Manor~


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