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Music Monday ft. Kat Webb

Today’s Music Monday post comes from Kat Webb. This Austin-born, indie soul singer/songwriter now residing in New York releases her second digital album entitled A Better Picture. The initial song and first release “Waver” begins with a beautiful blend of her voice and acoustic guitar and then gradually builds into a fully embodied song. A song about a woman unsure of letting her guard down to accept the love that stands before her.

♫ Should I — stay — go — lay — low ♫

This is my favorite cut – her voice sounds so comfortable surrounded by the instrumentation of this song.

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Music Monday ft. T.Soul

I love the holiday season and the music it brings. I’m always looking for new holiday songs to add to my ever growing playlist and I’m so glad I came across this gem. Today’s Music Monday features singer/songwriter/producer T.Soul hailing from Virginia.  The bass, the trumpet, the drums, the flute, T.Soul’s voice all organically meld together and deliver this jazzy and soulful rendition of “Silent Night.” I can close my eyes and envision T.Soul stepping up to an open mic in a smoke-infused jazz club delivering each note with so much impromptu feeling.

T.Soul also graces us with a Christmas original, the title cut from his Happy Holidays digital album.

♫ Presents may be under the tree, but baby you’re not present with me…I just want you to know that Christmas ain’t the same, without you there’s no Happy Holidays ♫

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