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Love Me Beyond

Love me beyond —–

My hang ups

Love me beyond —–

My boundaries

Love me beyond —–

My inhibitions

Lying in space together

—– no doubts

—– no fears

—– no anxieties

Eyes interlocking, knowing but not knowing

Slow, methodical, purposeful caresses over my body

Come bend this moment in time with me

I want to let down my guard with you

I want to put so much trust in you

Take me where I’ve never been before and I’ll do things I’ve never done before

Love Me Beyond —–

~ Beautifulmind17~

Music Monday ft. Anhayla

Today’s Music Monday features a lovely and talented singer, songwriter Anhayla. I was first introduced to this amazing singer through TSoul. I was perusing through his you tube videos and came across them singing a cover duet. I was drawn to her voice, but it was her videos featuring her voice accompanied with her acoustic guitar that made want to hear more from her. Here is her video “If I Was (I Think I Love You).”

♫ If I was your lady, if I was your baby, if I was your sweetheart, if I was your boo.

If I was your lover, significant other, if I was your up, I’d stay down for you ♫

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Twitter: @Anhayla


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