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Music Monday ft. Choklate

The holiday season is here again and I’m always looking for new music to add to my holiday playlist. I was casually scrolling through my twitter timeline when one of my favorite artists tweeted a video to her song — “Tis the Season” by Choklate.

The song actually plays out more like a reprise than a full song. No verses, no bridge, no chorus, just Choklate effortlessly pouring out a flurry of seemingly ad-libbed lyrics coated with her rich alto voice over a back drop of nostalgic holiday notes. But what really sold me on the song was the video. I was brought to tears. How do we define the holiday season? Is it defined by elaborate decorations, expensive gifts and excessive over-indulgences? Or is it defined by simple but meaningful acts of kindness and gestures from your heart?

Thanks Choklate for “spreadin that vibe.” 🙂

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Word Play

You lyrically tantalize my mind, taking my thoughts to unknown levels of my psyche. I can’t help myself with you. I willingly fall into the trap you lay out while your tongue weaves webs of words through the space and time we create.

They possessively caress my curiosity, tease the walls of my imagination, penetrate my open mind. I succumb to your control, allowing you to lead my fantasies through paths unknown. Through this exploration of my honesty, I discover just how far I could go.

Entangled in your words – I have no fears

Possessed by your imagination – there are no boundaries

Ensnared with your boldness – I have no inhibitions

Twisted inside your intensity – there are no limits


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