Music Monday ft. Choklate

The holiday season is here again and I’m always looking for new music to add to my holiday playlist. I was casually scrolling through my twitter timeline when one of my favorite artists tweeted a video to her song — “Tis the Season” by Choklate.

The song actually plays out more like a reprise than a full song. No verses, no bridge, no chorus, just Choklate effortlessly pouring out a flurry of seemingly ad-libbed lyrics coated with her rich alto voice over a back drop of nostalgic holiday notes. But what really sold me on the song was the video. I was brought to tears. How do we define the holiday season? Is it defined by elaborate decorations, expensive gifts and excessive over-indulgences? Or is it defined by simple but meaningful acts of kindness and gestures from your heart?

Thanks Choklate for “spreadin that vibe.” 🙂

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Website: ChoklateOnline

Facebook: Choklate

Twitter: @Choklate


~McKinzie Manor~


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