Writing Goals for 2019 and Beyond

I love to read, but I chose not to set a high reading goal this year. I almost decided not to set a reading goal at all because I wanted to allocate more time for writing, but then I came across a quote that made me re-think that logic. "Reading and writing cannot be separated. … Continue reading Writing Goals for 2019 and Beyond

Reading Blackout Recap for 2018

2018 is coming to an end and I'm reflecting back on the reading challenge I set for myself. To refresh your memory, I challenged myself to participate in the ReadingBlackout2018. It was where I challenged myself to read only books by black authors. Also in 2018, I set a goal of completing twenty-four books and … Continue reading Reading Blackout Recap for 2018

Ntozake Shange – “Where there is a woman there is magic”

Pronouncing her name can be daunting and intimidating at first. Just like her work, her name boldly leaps from the page and resounds as it is spoken. En-toe-zah-keh Shahn-gay Ntozake produced many works, but for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuff was undoubtedly the most impressionable on me. At the young … Continue reading Ntozake Shange – “Where there is a woman there is magic”

Writing Tips – Stop Editing While You Write

Too often I start writing a piece and then go back and read what I just wrote. And what comes naturally while I'm reading? You guessed it, EDITING. I am definitely guilty of this. I have got to get out of this habit and just get to writing it all down. I have to remind … Continue reading Writing Tips – Stop Editing While You Write

Springtime Awakening

Sunrays shining through dew-filled clouds Touching already sun-kissed skin Caressing my mind Comforting my soul   Basking in its gentle warmth I hear the chorus of midday birds Orchestrating their melodies Orating their songs   An earthy, floral fragrance hitches to the breeze Surrounds my entire being I’m inhaling its serenity I’m exhaling my worries … Continue reading Springtime Awakening

Bathsheba’s #metoo Story

Imagine -- Going about your day, carrying on your duties as a dutiful Jewish woman, only to be summonsed by the king, the most powerful man in your known world to come to him. Let's allow that to sink in for a moment... As I hear the story of King David and Bathsheba told over … Continue reading Bathsheba’s #metoo Story

Martin Luther King Jr. – Continue the Fight

About a year ago, I visited the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in West Potomac Park near the National Mall in Washington D.C. I remember standing there moved to tears as I walked through the memorial. The monument of Dr. King, called The Stone of Hope, is very impressive, standing at 30 feet. Although the … Continue reading Martin Luther King Jr. – Continue the Fight

Movie Review – The Shape of Water

Have you ever yearned to understand where you fit in your surroundings? Have you ever tried to figure out your purpose within an existence? Have you ever, deep down in your heart, knew that there had to be more than what life placed in front of you? These transcendental questions find their place in Guillermo … Continue reading Movie Review – The Shape of Water

Wynter Breeze

She gently blows through life With not a single care in the world, A formally known artist asked “Could she be the most beautiful girl?”   A lovely, carefree spirit As cool as the night air, Bringing comfort to a humid existence She lives her truth for all who dare.   She dances through earth’s … Continue reading Wynter Breeze

#Blackout2018 Here I Come!

2017 is coming to an end and I can definitely look back on it and say I have done more activities that bring me happiness, especially in the latter part of the year. More reading, more writing, more spending time with loved ones, more traveling - some of those things on my 100 Things That … Continue reading #Blackout2018 Here I Come!