Writing Tips – Writer’s Block

Writer's block plagues even the best and most seasoned of writers. Here's an interesting segment from the Two Guys on Your Head Podcast "How to Crush Writer's Block." They provide some great insight on how we can overcome writer's block. ~McKinzie Manor~   Writer’s block! That phrase might induce panic and a recollection of a [...]


Art of Love

Spin me, Turn me on your color wheel To find the right shade, The correct hue Gently set me up on your easel And spread me across your canvass Then dip your brush into the paints - acrylic - tempera - watercolors Baby, Choose what you will To color my thoughts, Because they are all of [...]

Writing Tips – How to Write with a Demanding Job

I'm sure most of us are engaged in careers and jobs that don't allow us to spend much time doing what we are passionate about. So, working your "day job" and trying to become an author can be challenging. Tomi Adeyemi, author of Children of Blood and Bone, offers tips on how you can achieve [...]

Your Beautiful Flame

I am drawn to this beautiful flame. Staring at the flicker, watching it slowly expand -- becoming a blaze. I am drawn to the heat of this beautiful flame. Inviting the soothing coziness, waiting for it to slowly grow into an all-consuming, fiery passion. Don't I know that playing with fire, I will get burned?   But [...]

Summer Love

She knew not to love deeply. She knew not to love long. She knew that the love they created in this space and time would be as hot and as intense as the summer heat that sweltered in her grandmother's tiny two-bedroom flat on the island. Even though their days were spent as inseparable lovers, [...]

Accept Me For Me

The following is a poem I wrote as a senior in high school. I can remember dealing with many insecurities and issues about my own self and how others viewed me. People were quick to point out what I lacked...all of my "if only you were..." I finally came to the realization that I had [...]