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Music Monday ft. K. Avett

Music Monday is back featuring East Texas native and newcomer K. Avett. With gospel musical roots, K. Avett brings her hodge-podge of musical tastes to easily maneuver between urban contemporary to jazz to gospel that would make any music lover stand up and take notice. Making her entrance with K. Avett: Revelations, she demonstrates that her smooth, smoky vocals can reside effortlessly over each style of music.

Her debut single “Can’t Stand” puts me in the mind of an Anita Baker song. Beautifully orchestrated melodies and baseline undercurrent encapsulate her strong alto presence – there’s something so familiar and yet so refreshing about her sound.

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You Tube: K. Avett

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Twitter: @K_Avett


Got a friend so broken hearted

Didn’t know the love she started

Would take her down this road

Too afraid to tell her feelings

Now betrayal’s been revealed and

She doesn’t think she can handle the load

Know a man had his perfect girl then

Found his life in a crazy whirlwind

Her love, he thought he had lost

Too proud to admit he was hurtin’

Now he is so uncertain

That he can’t handle the cost

Now nobody knows

How their story will go

So much is at stake

But life has dealt them a blow

If they just figure out

Redemption’s good for the soul

Just let go of the doubt

And let God take control

Got a friend so numb to love now

Restoring trust, she just can’t see how

Her heart has grown so cold

Disappointments replay in her mind

Keep hurting her time after time

She’s too bruised to let it all go

Know a man so disillusioned

About love, yes he’s confused and

Doesn’t know where it went all wrong

He takes a step in the right direction

Gets pushed back and feels rejection

Now he’s too bruised to keep hanging on

Now nobody knows

How their story will go

So much is at stake

But life has dealt them a blow

If they just figure out

Redemption’s good for the soul

Just let go of the doubt

And let God take control


Distraction – Doing My Own Thing

I was going about

Minding my own business

Doing my own thing

Fighting for my people

Screaming out as loud as I could to this government

Ranting and raving about the injustices of this society

Debating any right-winger who got in my way

And then —

You caught my eye

Standing as still as a statue, demanding that your presence be known

You didn’t say much

But you didn’t have to

Just the mere sight of your tall mahogany frame spoke loud enough for me

I tried to collect my thoughts

And get back to

Doing my own thing

Crying out for all to use their economic powers

Cursing those who get out of jury duty, because for each time we don’t serve another one of us gets locked up and another one of them gets away

Accusing bourgeois Negroes for being Black only when it is convenient for them

But then…

I caught a glimpse

Of 400 years of oppression sizzling in your eyes

And when you turned around, they burned right through to my soul

Your chin was held up high enough to so proudly defy all odds

But not so much as to look down on anyone

I fumbled and stumbled over my words

Trying to remember what I was doing? – Oh yeah –

Doing my own thing

So with my fist raised high in the air, I shout

Black Power!

With my hands reaching out to my people, I cry

Black Pride!

With my feet walking through the depths of the hood, I preach

Black Unity!

And with my arms extended to embrace and feel you, I sigh

Black Love!

Your soul speaks to me, beckoning me to respond

But I’m

Doing my own thing

Your infectious smile spreads across full moistened lips

I’m trying to

Do my own thing

Your long strides diminish the distance between us

I’m supposed to be

Doing my own thing

The deep timbre of your voice makes my body shudder

Keep my mind focused on

Doing my own thing

The words that drip from your lips and the language that oozes from your body divert my attention and I ask myself

How can I concentrate on

Doing my own thing

When all I want to do is. . .

~ BeautifulMind17 ~

Music Monday ft. Choklate

The holiday season is here again and I’m always looking for new music to add to my holiday playlist. I was casually scrolling through my twitter timeline when one of my favorite artists tweeted a video to her song — “Tis the Season” by Choklate.

The song actually plays out more like a reprise than a full song. No verses, no bridge, no chorus, just Choklate effortlessly pouring out a flurry of seemingly ad-libbed lyrics coated with her rich alto voice over a back drop of nostalgic holiday notes. But what really sold me on the song was the video. I was brought to tears. How do we define the holiday season? Is it defined by elaborate decorations, expensive gifts and excessive over-indulgences? Or is it defined by simple but meaningful acts of kindness and gestures from your heart?

Thanks Choklate for “spreadin that vibe.” 🙂

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Word Play

You lyrically tantalize my mind, taking my thoughts to unknown levels of my psyche. I can’t help myself with you. I willingly fall into the trap you lay out while your tongue weaves webs of words through the space and time we create.

They possessively caress my curiosity, tease the walls of my imagination, penetrate my open mind. I succumb to your control, allowing you to lead my fantasies through paths unknown. Through this exploration of my honesty, I discover just how far I could go.

Entangled in your words – I have no fears

Possessed by your imagination – there are no boundaries

Ensnared with your boldness – I have no inhibitions

Twisted inside your intensity – there are no limits


Music Monday ft. Alice Smith

Please forgive me for just now discovering you Ms. Smith.

I was just looking at different musical posts and came across a video of her rendition of Cee Lo Green’s “Fool For You.” Needless to say, I fell in love with her style, her voice, her sound. The song was on continuous REPEAT, and I still couldn’t get enough of it. I began to search for videos of her performing live and OMGoodness! What a voice, what a stage presence, what passion! I hope she comes to my town soon.

Today’s Music Monday features Alice Smith performing “Fool For You” live at the Bowery Ballroom in NY. Please excuse the shakiness of the video, the poor audio at times, but every time I watch this video, I can feel the band’s and the audience’s energy emitting from my computer screen.

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Twitter: @alicesmithmusic

You Tube Channel:

Love Me Beyond

Love me beyond —–

My hang ups

Love me beyond —–

My boundaries

Love me beyond —–

My inhibitions

Lying in space together

—– no doubts

—– no fears

—– no anxieties

Eyes interlocking, knowing but not knowing

Slow, methodical, purposeful caresses over my body

Come bend this moment in time with me

I want to let down my guard with you

I want to put so much trust in you

Take me where I’ve never been before and I’ll do things I’ve never done before

Love Me Beyond —–

~ Beautifulmind17~

Music Monday ft. Anhayla

Today’s Music Monday features a lovely and talented singer, songwriter Anhayla. I was first introduced to this amazing singer through TSoul. I was perusing through his you tube videos and came across them singing a cover duet. I was drawn to her voice, but it was her videos featuring her voice accompanied with her acoustic guitar that made want to hear more from her. Here is her video “If I Was (I Think I Love You).”

♫ If I was your lady, if I was your baby, if I was your sweetheart, if I was your boo.

If I was your lover, significant other, if I was your up, I’d stay down for you ♫

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Twitter: @Anhayla


Music Monday ft. Kat Webb

Today’s Music Monday post comes from Kat Webb. This Austin-born, indie soul singer/songwriter now residing in New York releases her second digital album entitled A Better Picture. The initial song and first release “Waver” begins with a beautiful blend of her voice and acoustic guitar and then gradually builds into a fully embodied song. A song about a woman unsure of letting her guard down to accept the love that stands before her.

♫ Should I — stay — go — lay — low ♫

This is my favorite cut – her voice sounds so comfortable surrounded by the instrumentation of this song.

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You Tube Channel: KSongstress84

Music Monday ft. T.Soul

I love the holiday season and the music it brings. I’m always looking for new holiday songs to add to my ever growing playlist and I’m so glad I came across this gem. Today’s Music Monday features singer/songwriter/producer T.Soul hailing from Virginia.  The bass, the trumpet, the drums, the flute, T.Soul’s voice all organically meld together and deliver this jazzy and soulful rendition of “Silent Night.” I can close my eyes and envision T.Soul stepping up to an open mic in a smoke-infused jazz club delivering each note with so much impromptu feeling.

T.Soul also graces us with a Christmas original, the title cut from his Happy Holidays digital album.

♫ Presents may be under the tree, but baby you’re not present with me…I just want you to know that Christmas ain’t the same, without you there’s no Happy Holidays ♫

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