Records in the Crates

When I was a little girl, I absolutely loved going through my mom and dad’s records that they had stored away either underneath the record player or better yet, in crates. Some evenings I would spend browsing through their record collection – albums and 45’s. It was something about flipping through those records, pulling the vinyl from the album sleeves, blowing the invisible dust from the album, placing it on the rubber mat and carefully setting the needle at the start of the selected song.

And I wasn’t just your casual listener. I spent many evenings lying on the carpet in front of the stereo’s floor speaker reading the fine print of the liner notes. Carefully examining who all played a role in putting this creation together. Who wrote what song? Who played what instrument? Who were the producers? Who did the artist thank? As the needle landed, I anxiously waited for it to translate every note that silently laid dormant between the album’s grooves. Hearing that initial scratchy pop before the tune would send my imagination off as far as my mind could travel. Another space, another world.

In those crates, somewhere between Archie Bell & the Drells, and Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs, my appreciation for music blossomed.

Come take a musical journey with me back in time and check out my blog posts entitled “Records in the Crates.”

~McKinzie Manor~