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Voice of a People – Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners

Like most people, I enjoy a great movie. I don’t need all of the glitz and glam of a blockbuster. Just give me a great story, solid acting and an interesting plot and I’m there.

That may be why I’ve come to enjoy documentaries so much. I love learning about people’s life experiences and view events through a historical perspective. Or maybe it’s just a documentary that gives the story behind the story…I like that too.

To celebrate this genre of films, I’ve started to look for documentaries that speak to Black History and have come across some great gems.

The first documentary I’d like to share is

Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners (2012)

Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners

If you think you know all there is about Angela Davis, “black radicalism,” and American Idealism, you probably don’t. Her raised black power fist and perfectly coiffed afro became the picturesque symbol of black pride, but the story behind the image had never been told in such a poignantly way. This documentary gives voice to Angela the woman, the human and tells the story of her trial in a way that you will never read about in history books.

Free Angela Davis and All Political Prisoners is a must-see documentary because it resonates beyond the cultural boundaries of Black History, and beyond the coastal boundaries of American history. This is world history at its finest because the entire world was watching.

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