Libraries Aren’t Just for Reading Anymore

This may not come as a surprise, but I enjoy going to libraries. This past weekend, my son and I attended the grand opening of our new public library here in Austin. This just days after I watched a reporter from another town get his clueless behind dragged on Twitter after posting a tweet claiming … Continue reading Libraries Aren’t Just for Reading Anymore


Journey to My Goals One Step at a Time

I have many things I want to accomplish in life. I have several goals and tasks that I've written down on paper, but somehow life just gets in the way of completing those tasks and accomplishing those goals. Some of those goals involve doing things that I enjoy doing. I recently started a writer's notebook, … Continue reading Journey to My Goals One Step at a Time

Accept Me For Me

The following is a poem I wrote as a senior in high school. I can remember dealing with many insecurities and issues about my own self and how others viewed me. People were quick to point out what I lacked...all of my "if only you were..." I finally came to the realization that I had … Continue reading Accept Me For Me