Art of Love

Spin me, Turn me on your color wheel To find the right shade, The correct hue Gently set me up on your easel And spread me across your canvass Then dip your brush into the paints - acrylic - tempera - watercolors Baby, Choose what you will To color my thoughts, Because they are all of … Continue reading Art of Love


Summer Love II

Her beauty was intense and her smile forever glowed. Capturing the hearts of many only to leave them longing for more... First name - Summer Last name - Love   ~McKinzie Manor~

Summer Love

She knew not to love deeply. She knew not to love long. She knew that the love they created in this space and time would be as hot and as intense as the summer heat that sweltered in her grandmother's tiny two-bedroom flat on the island. Even though their days were spent as inseparable lovers, … Continue reading Summer Love

Distraction – Doing My Own Thing

I was going about Minding my own business Doing my own thing Fighting for my people Screaming out as loud as I could to this government Ranting and raving about the injustices of this society Debating any right-winger who got in my way And then -- You caught my eye Standing as still as a … Continue reading Distraction – Doing My Own Thing

Word Play

You lyrically tantalize my mind, taking my thoughts to unknown levels of my psyche. I can't help myself with you. I willingly fall into the trap you lay out while your tongue weaves webs of words through the space and time we create. They possessively caress my curiosity, tease the walls of my imagination, penetrate … Continue reading Word Play

Love Me Beyond

Love me beyond ----- My hang ups Love me beyond ----- My boundaries Love me beyond ----- My inhibitions Lying in space together ----- no doubts ----- no fears ----- no anxieties Eyes interlocking, knowing but not knowing Slow, methodical, purposeful caresses over my body Come bend this moment in time with me I want … Continue reading Love Me Beyond

4-Letter Word

We have danced around that 4-letter word for so long, afraid to mention it by name, not daring to speak it into existence. Intense - Powerful - Undeniable - Indescribable - Justifiable Choosing to call it everything but... For so long, it has been a lifeless word waiting for life to be breathed into it. … Continue reading 4-Letter Word