Art of Love

Spin me, Turn me on your color wheel To find the right shade, The correct hue Gently set me up on your easel And spread me across your canvass Then dip your brush into the paints - acrylic - tempera - watercolors Baby, Choose what you will To color my thoughts, Because they are all of [...]


Summer Love

She knew not to love deeply. She knew not to love long. She knew that the love they created in this space and time would be as hot and as intense as the summer heat that sweltered in her grandmother's tiny two-bedroom flat on the island. Even though their days were spent as inseparable lovers, [...]

Accept Me For Me

The following is a poem I wrote as a senior in high school. I can remember dealing with many insecurities and issues about my own self and how others viewed me. People were quick to point out what I lacked...all of my "if only you were..." I finally came to the realization that I had [...]

Open My Eyes That I May See

Blindly traveling through life, I ask myself, "Isn't there a better way?" How many times shall I stumble and fumble? How many times shall I bump and bruise? My path seems so dark sometimes that I don't know where I'm going. I can't recall where I've been. But I know my eyes deceive me with [...]

Sound of Silence

What does silence sound like? Silence no longer sounds the same as it had before. Before, the silence was filled with so much conversation -- the nonverbal understandings -- the all-knowing glances -- the all-telling touches. But now, the silence that exists between us gets more deafening day-by-day. Now it's so long, now it's so loud. [...]


Got a friend so broken hearted Didn’t know the love she started Would take her down this road Too afraid to tell her feelings Now betrayal’s been revealed and She doesn't think she can handle the load Know a man had his perfect girl then Found his life in a crazy whirlwind Her love, he [...]