Writing Tips – Creating a Writing Space

Since I've started making time to write on a more consistent basis, I've been looking for ways to make my writing time more productive. I came across the article, Creating a Writing Space by Meghan Rogers. Since reading it, I've implemented a couple of the article's suggestions. I don't have my space quite the way I want … Continue reading Writing Tips – Creating a Writing Space


Writing Tips – Improve Writing Skills through Short Stories

I enjoy writing. My preferred avenue of expression is poetry, but I do have many stories within me that I long to tell. Hopefully, one day I'll take one of my many ideas and actually COMPLETE a novel. In the meantime, I thought I could venture into the art of short story writing, so a … Continue reading Writing Tips – Improve Writing Skills through Short Stories

Writing Tips – Starting a Writer’s Notebook

Who among us have the habit of writing ideas on little scrap sheets of paper? *raises hand* What you may need is a writer's notebook. After reading the article "How to Start a Writer's Notebook" by Chloe Davis Smith, I made it a point to carry around a special notebook so that I could jot … Continue reading Writing Tips – Starting a Writer’s Notebook

Art of Love

Spin me, Turn me on your color wheel To find the right shade, The correct hue Gently set me up on your easel And spread me across your canvass Then dip your brush into the paints - acrylic - tempera - watercolors Baby, Choose what you will To color my thoughts, Because they are all of … Continue reading Art of Love

Your Beautiful Flame

I am drawn to this beautiful flame. Staring at the flicker, watching it slowly expand -- becoming a blaze. I am drawn to the heat of this beautiful flame. Inviting the soothing coziness, waiting for it to slowly grow into an all-consuming, fiery passion. Don't I know that playing with fire, I will get burned?   But … Continue reading Your Beautiful Flame

Summer Love

She knew not to love deeply. She knew not to love long. She knew that the love they created in this space and time would be as hot and as intense as the summer heat that sweltered in her grandmother's tiny two-bedroom flat on the island. Even though their days were spent as inseparable lovers, … Continue reading Summer Love