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Music Monday ft. PaviElle

Organic, authentic, pure, funky, soul – how else can I describe the debut release Fear Not by St. Paul neo-soul, singer songwriter, PaviElle? Listening to her CD places you there in the nightclub bobbing your head to that kick-snare-hat drumbeat. And when her vocals breakdown into a lower octave then drifts up into a jazzy scat, you can almost feel her performing in your midst. Hats off to PaviElle for her rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Stripped down to it’s lyrical core, stretched out over a slower beat, and doused with horns and organs, the song screams a soulfulness that was probably there all along.

But my favorite is the lead track, “Runnin'” that introduces us to PaviElle’s scats, a funky baseline, and a horn section that sneaks up on you. Then it breaks off into this gut-feeling anthem that midway through the track, you drop your bobbing head and raise your waving hands.

♫ Reaching – dreaming – pushing – scheming wanting something to believe in

Fighting demons writing because my purpose has a reason ♫


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Music Monday ft. K. Avett

Music Monday is back featuring East Texas native and newcomer K. Avett. With gospel musical roots, K. Avett brings her hodge-podge of musical tastes to easily maneuver between urban contemporary to jazz to gospel that would make any music lover stand up and take notice. Making her entrance with K. Avett: Revelations, she demonstrates that her smooth, smoky vocals can reside effortlessly over each style of music.

Her debut single “Can’t Stand” puts me in the mind of an Anita Baker song. Beautifully orchestrated melodies and baseline undercurrent encapsulate her strong alto presence – there’s something so familiar and yet so refreshing about her sound.

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Music Monday ft. Alice Smith

Please forgive me for just now discovering you Ms. Smith.

I was just looking at different musical posts and came across a video of her rendition of Cee Lo Green’s “Fool For You.” Needless to say, I fell in love with her style, her voice, her sound. The song was on continuous REPEAT, and I still couldn’t get enough of it. I began to search for videos of her performing live and OMGoodness! What a voice, what a stage presence, what passion! I hope she comes to my town soon.

Today’s Music Monday features Alice Smith performing “Fool For You” live at the Bowery Ballroom in NY. Please excuse the shakiness of the video, the poor audio at times, but every time I watch this video, I can feel the band’s and the audience’s energy emitting from my computer screen.

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Music Monday ft. Anhayla

Today’s Music Monday features a lovely and talented singer, songwriter Anhayla. I was first introduced to this amazing singer through TSoul. I was perusing through his you tube videos and came across them singing a cover duet. I was drawn to her voice, but it was her videos featuring her voice accompanied with her acoustic guitar that made want to hear more from her. Here is her video “If I Was (I Think I Love You).”

♫ If I was your lady, if I was your baby, if I was your sweetheart, if I was your boo.

If I was your lover, significant other, if I was your up, I’d stay down for you ♫

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Music Monday ft. Kat Webb

Today’s Music Monday post comes from Kat Webb. This Austin-born, indie soul singer/songwriter now residing in New York releases her second digital album entitled A Better Picture. The initial song and first release “Waver” begins with a beautiful blend of her voice and acoustic guitar and then gradually builds into a fully embodied song. A song about a woman unsure of letting her guard down to accept the love that stands before her.

♫ Should I — stay — go — lay — low ♫

This is my favorite cut – her voice sounds so comfortable surrounded by the instrumentation of this song.

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Music Monday ft. T.Soul

I love the holiday season and the music it brings. I’m always looking for new holiday songs to add to my ever growing playlist and I’m so glad I came across this gem. Today’s Music Monday features singer/songwriter/producer T.Soul hailing from Virginia.  The bass, the trumpet, the drums, the flute, T.Soul’s voice all organically meld together and deliver this jazzy and soulful rendition of “Silent Night.” I can close my eyes and envision T.Soul stepping up to an open mic in a smoke-infused jazz club delivering each note with so much impromptu feeling.

T.Soul also graces us with a Christmas original, the title cut from his Happy Holidays digital album.

♫ Presents may be under the tree, but baby you’re not present with me…I just want you to know that Christmas ain’t the same, without you there’s no Happy Holidays ♫

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Music Monday ft. Joonie

Today’s Music Monday features a little-known, but talented singer, songwriter musician Joonie. Don’t ask me how I came across his CD Acoustic Love…I think I was combing Bandcamp for music and there I found this brother and his guitar. *smile* (My ears have a soft spot for a brotha with a guitar.) I was instantly drawn into the guitar-featured cuts “Acoustic Love,” “Love You More,” and “Smile.” Other favorites of mine are “Delilah” and “Make It Last.” His sound drips seduction and innocence simultaneously…how does he do this? My only regret is that I didn’t find Joonie sooner because this CD’s been out for a while. I saw a posting from someone saying he’s supposed to come out with new music soon. I’ll keep checking back. In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy this Acoustic Love ride.

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Music Monday ft. Maimouna Youssef

Today’s Music Monday features an incredibly talented and Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter. My first introduction to Maimouna Youssef aka “Mumu Fresh” was through her release “I Got A Man” from her The Blooming CD. I was instantly hooked and converted. Her vocal talent and stylings are incredible and chilling at times when she hits those notes that only exist in the rafters. Her ability to embody jazz, hip-hop, soul and blues all at the same time is hard to match. Take a listen to her CD and let your ears be taken on a musical journey through each of these genres.

Her latest video “Meet Me in Brazil” featuring actor Lamman Rucker takes you on an imaginative story of a couple rekindling the fire in their relationship.

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Music Monday – Ashley DuBose

Today’s Music Monday post comes from Indie artist Ashley DuBose. This singer-songwriter hails from St. Paul Minnesota and I have to admit that I was drawn in by her amazing voice and sound. I can only describe it by saying her voice reverberates between the notes.

“Life Goes On” is an inspirational song from her debut digital album release Somethin’ More.

Don’t sell yourself short on this artist. Other notable songs on the album are “Guilty” and “Lose a Good Thing.”

♫So you think the grass is greener on the other side. Well that may be true, but it’ll be brown by the winter time♫

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