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Music Monday ft. PaviElle

Organic, authentic, pure, funky, soul – how else can I describe the debut release Fear Not by St. Paul neo-soul, singer songwriter, PaviElle? Listening to her CD places you there in the nightclub bobbing your head to that kick-snare-hat drumbeat. And when her vocals breakdown into a lower octave then drifts up into a jazzy scat, you can almost feel her performing in your midst. Hats off to PaviElle for her rendition of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams.” Stripped down to it’s lyrical core, stretched out over a slower beat, and doused with horns and organs, the song screams a soulfulness that was probably there all along.

But my favorite is the lead track, “Runnin'” that introduces us to PaviElle’s scats, a funky baseline, and a horn section that sneaks up on you. Then it breaks off into this gut-feeling anthem that midway through the track, you drop your bobbing head and raise your waving hands.

♫ Reaching – dreaming – pushing – scheming wanting something to believe in

Fighting demons writing because my purpose has a reason ♫


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Music Monday

Today’s Music Monday’s post walks a little on the rock side of Eclectic Soul Music. Artist (i am) isis mixes rock, hip-hop and spoken word to create a type of music that she calls “Spoken Soul.”

Some time ago I came across the heavily rock-influenced single “Drive Me” and I’ve been a fan of (i am) isis ever since.

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