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Summer Love II

Her beauty was intense and her smile forever glowed.

Capturing the hearts of many only to leave them longing for more…

First name – Summer

Last name – Love


Summer Love

She knew not to love deeply.

She knew not to love long.

She knew that the love they created in this space and time would be as hot and as intense as the summer heat that sweltered in her grandmother’s tiny two-bedroom flat on the island.

Even though their days were spent as inseparable lovers, she knew that when the time came for them to journey off in their separate ways, she would probably never see, nor hear from him again.

But she settled her heart and found solace in the fact that this short amount of time would prove to be

the most fulfilling

the most passionate

the most joyous in her life

And it always did…

every summer.


Waiting for the Words

Sometimes the emotions are all over the place and the words to describe them don’t come as easy. Like a Roget’s Thesaurus, I flip through the pages of my mind trying to find the right thing to say, find the perfect word to use.

But my futile attempts produce nothing. No words, no sound, no meaning, no expression.

And I’m left here trying to get a handle on how I feel.

So I sit here, with a pen in my hand staring at blank, empty pages of a journal, waiting for my soul to be poured out onto them, waiting for at least one word to be smeared across a page…




But nothing comes out, nothing comes to mind or maybe it’s that so many things come to mind that I can’t think clearly. The words dance in my head like letter tiles in a Scrabble game, waiting for me to create a word out of the tiles I’ve been dealt.

X – Q – R – S – E – T – Z

What can I make of this? Where do I begin with this?

So I sit here…





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